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Who am I?

I've often wondered that myself, LOL. Well, my name, as you may have guessed, is Clarke Duncan and not Duncan Clarke or Clark Duncan ;-). By visiting my website it is probable that you are either a family member, friend or someone looking to find out more about me.

I am married to my beautiful wife Leona who, it feels like, I have been in love with all my life, I have to say that as she'll be reading this ;-). It actually began as a teenage romance and some people said it would never last, shame on them. Well here we are 16+ years later, with 12+ years married. I was 19 when we meet thanks to my best friend at the time, Paul, who happened to be going out with a girl called Sheryl who attended the same church as Leona. We have two of the most amazing little boys you could ever hope for, again have to say that, they are old enough to use Google now ;-).

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Work & Business

I am a director of two Internet companies, UK Internet Sites Ltd and Paid On Results Ltd. I am also a director of an adult education company called Roads and Construction Training Ltd. My work is more than just a job, it's my passion. I don’t keep 9 to 5 hours Monday to Friday, instead I work best when I am in “the zone” just so happens “the zone” can last all day and night over the full 7 days but I do allow myself breaks and try to make time for my current hobbies of Photography (need to get better) and playing online games (yeah work all day on a computer and then have fun by playing on one, not very health) and of course it’s pointless putting in all this work effort if you’re not going to take time out to enjoy your life with family and friends.

I used to spend a far bit of time helping and discussing affiliate/online business over at the Affiliate Marketing Blog but it’s somewhat neglected these days, most due to a new found prioritisation to sort my own business life out for me and keep the help for close friends. I do keep a personal blog over at Supercod I share what I am interested in, my hobbies, family news and other things, go check it out.

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