Hi, Clarke Duncan here.

Scottish Affiliate Marketing & Outsourcing expert who has been involved in online marketing since 1996.

Clarke Duncan


Here is a selection of the companies, services, and websites in which I am involved.

Clarke Duncan

I am a founder and director of the Paid On Results affiliate marketing network in the United Kingdom. My online experience dates back to the early 1990s before websites existed and before I graduated from high school.

I am utterly obsessed with everything online. I don't think of what I do as work or a job. It's my passion, and I'm fortunate to make money from it by building online businesses and assisting others in their online success.

I am also a Director of UK Internet Sites Limited and Leonico Ltd.

OutsourcingStaff.ph is the service I am currently developing; it allows businesses worldwide to hire fantastic Filipino employees to work virtually for them from the Philippines. I have a lot of experience because I worked online as an outsourced worker for a US company in the late-'90s. I have several companies in the United Kingdom and Spain, with employees in Scotland, England, Spain, and the Philippines. I have outsourced many tasks to countries worldwide, including the United States, the Philippines, Spain, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Croatia, Estonia, and many others.

Over at Outsourcing Boss, I've begun my YouTuber journey. I teach people for free, with no upsells or hidden “get-rich-quick” schemes to join; however, if you choose to use my company OutsourcingStaff.ph to find a virtual staff member, that would be a nice bonus. If you're interested in outsourcing, there's a lot of free advice available. My speciality is outsourcing to the Philippines, where I can guarantee you will find some outstanding staff to assist you with your small business or hire a VA to take a lot of tasks off your plate so you can work on your business rather than in it.

Affiliate Marketing, Outsourcing, and SEO are the areas where I have a lot of knowledge and real-world experience. Most aspects of online marketing and sales appeal to me.

For SEO purposes, I should have talked about myself in the third person so I can say Clarke Duncan instead of I, LOL 😉