Hello and welcome to my new website.Clarke Duncan

I used to have a website, and the Wayback Machine took the first snapshot on October 18, 2000, and wow, what a piece of crap that looked. I believe I put it online in June 1999, but who cares? This one is much better because I had my team, all of whom are experts in this field, design and set it up for me.

Many things have changed since the first website; for example, I am no longer involved in Impact and Image Limited, which I co-founded with Colin and David. Colin is still working with me on Paid On Results Limited, and David was with me for a few years at UK Internet Sites Limited. I returned my shares to them both because I had different ideas about where I wanted to go, and in September 2000, I founded UK Internet Sites Limited with Graeme Sandwell. There isn't a single website mentioned on the old website that is still active today. I no longer own the majority of the domain names. Things do change, as they say, and I hope for the better.

So, the goal of this website is to highlight the various companies, websites, and services in which I am involved. Also, I'm going to use it for SEO purposes, not to dethrone Michael Clarke Duncan as when you search for “Clarke Duncan” on Google after his death, I dropped out of the rankings for my name and abandoned this website around June 2014, which I should not have done. I couldn't care less if people find me by my name because it makes me nothing. I'd like to use this site to help my other sites rank higher for various keywords by bolstering them with articles and posts from this site.

I'll post blog posts from time to time, mostly to see how an article can help my other sites rank or be recognised by Google as having something to do with a specific keyword phrases.

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