How To Stop Emails Going To Junk

stop spam emailsI had spent a lot of time on how to stop emails from going into the junk folder, as it’s very frustrating when you email your clients for them not to respond. You find out later that Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook have decided you are sending spam and flag you as junk email. When you never sent a spam email in your like, as far as you are concerned, you’re a safe sender.

SPF & DKIM Records

The first step is to check the domain your email address is linked to. People who send email from their own website are their own email provider and while your hosting company may do things to help, it’s normally your job to check your SPF & DKIM records on your domain.

For me, my DKIM and SPF look like this:

dkim spf record


And you can check yours with a tool like Check your SPF and DKIM keys.

Using Email Spam Check

Two tools that are good for email spam checking are Mail Tester and Experte spam checker. What you do with these is send an email from your account to a unique email address they give you and then view the results, and they will do most of the checks to see if you are having any issues they can detect.

Check Your IP and Domain Reputation

The IP & Domain Reputation Center on Talos by Cisco is an excellent place to see if your domain or IP is being flagged for any issues. You want to be Trusted, Favorable or Neutral with them. However, many people will get Unknown, which is fine because you have never shown up on their radar.

Use the above, and you will be on your way to stopping your email from going to junk/spam.

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