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Bee All Design - Flat-Rate Graphic Design Service

People looking for high-quality, low-cost designers can't believe Bee All Design exists! The idea behind Bee All Design was because I was using an unlimited graphic design service that was a little slow, they make mistakes like typo’s or not use the colours asked for, and each and every small change took a full day to return.

At the time of deciding we could do this better, I was having great success with outsourcing jobs to the Philippines, so I figured, let's just hire a full-time designer and see how we got on. That turned out to be a great decision, and I was getting so much design work back that I didn't have enough jobs lined up for myself, so I figured, why not make my own flat-rate graphic design services and hire a few more Filippino's who are experts in design?

Bee All Design was born a few months later offering the services that I wish I first had, we don’t limit what we offer, if it’s static design for online or print, we will do it. If we are working on a job and you need a minor change, we don’t hold up your other jobs, we get working on them while we wait for your feedback. This has resulted in many happy customers who can't believe what they're getting for the price because we don't add exorbitant markups; instead, we keep the pricing fair.