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Leonico Ltd – Helping Companies Outsource Online Jobs

Leonico Ltd was founded in 2003 by my wife Leona Duncan and her business partner at the time, Nicola Bailey, both of whom graduated from Glasgow School of Arts with BA (Hons).

The company has evolved significantly since its early days of designing wedding stationery and then moving on to Affiliate Marketing websites. These days, I run the company and rely on my experience and expertise in outsourcing to the Philippines.

On YouTube, we have two educational channels. Outsourcing Boss, aimed at employers, explains everything about working with outsourced workers from the Philippines, while Virtual Pinoy, aimed at Filipinos, educates them on getting online jobs and working with foreign employers.

Since then, we've created OutsourcingStaff.ph, an online premier marketplace for thousands of Filipinos looking for work online. You can browse their CVs online as well as post job offers, and we do not take a cut from full or part-time jobs offered by employers; instead, you pay a small monthly fee to access the system, and you are free to cancel your account as soon as you hire someone for the role you have available.