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Paid On Results – Affiliate Marketing Network

Paid On Results is my UK Affiliate Marketing Network established 2002 by Grame Sandwell and Clarke Duncan as Founders and Directors.

We assist Affiliates in generating income from their websites, social media channels, and so on. Paid On Results has the fastest payment times in the industry, makes it simple to link to merchants with creative that updates automatically, and Affiliates have access to the latest tools and advanced affiliate tracking because we are constantly innovating.

We assist Merchants in increasing sales by providing access to the top Affiliates, including all of the major cash back sites. Affiliate marketing increases brand exposure, acquires new customers, and provides the highest return on investment of any type of advertising. Furthermore, merchants who use our low-cost, high-value platform have complete brand control, full transparency and accountability, customisable reporting tools, and clear, flexible sales reports.